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We help importers create a more ethical and efficient supply chain

Customers today are becoming increasingly vocal when it comes to understanding where the products they love are made. They want to have a limiting effect on both people and the planet—and we do too. Mercado enables your business to build transparency and visibility directly into your supply chain operations.
So your customers can keep buying your great products and you can rest easy that your supply chain is under control.
How Mercado works

Manual Supply //
Digital Demand

The global supply chain is complex. Costs at origin are increasing. eCommerce is making managing demand increasingly difficult. Lead times are getting longer. And the entire first mile of the supply chain is manual.
The result? Limited transparency across the supply chain, a lack of collaboration between your teams and partners, and unpredictable outcomes dictating the fate of millions of dollars' worth of inventory.
Mercado Labs | Plug in – With Mercado
Mercado Labs | Plug in – With Mercado
Mercado | Bring Order to your Imports

Plug in to a digital
supply chain network

Mercado digitally connects your manual supply network (the first mile) with your digital demand network (the final mile) through a cloud-based platform.
By powering their supply chains with Mercado, international importers can automate purchasing through a digital order, validate updates through change controls, and generate commercial documents—including the commercial invoices and packing list—to automate the accounts, receiving, and clearance process.
Mercado Labs | Plug in – With Mercado

We create opportunities that set the world in motion and ensure that the products you deliver to your customers are made in a sustainable and ethical way.

Mercado gives you the tools you need to digitze the supply network in your global supply chain, connecting the first mile to your existing customer demand. Businesses that use the Mercado platform see instant improvements in transparency, collaboration, and predictability across orders, with greater ability to make strategic decisions that impact business performance.
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Thank you for using Mercado. Our goal is to empower businesses to better navigate the complex world of importing. We know data security is of paramount importance, so we place high standards on ensuring it is safely and respectfully secured. We are committed to following and continuously evolving best practices to support this principle. Your data is yours, and we guard it closely. We do not sell any of your information, and we will always be fully transparent on how we collect and use your data. That's a promise.