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It’s no secret that the first 120 days of the international supply chain is disconnected. But what if you could completely digitize that first mile by connecting your sourcing, purchasing, and logistics teams together in one process? The reality is it doesn't need to be difficult and it all starts with one simple concept: automation.

Join Mercado’s Robert Garrison and David DuPree as they discuss the need for transformation via automation in the supply chain.
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Better Navigate The Complex World Of Global Trade

Join global trade and logistics expert Dan Gardner as he explores what it takes for modern importers to succeed in today's volatile industry.
This webinar series has now finished. But it's not too late. Rewatch the sessions and download the content material by following the link below.
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Webinar Series

Be Good, Do Good

Join Mercado Labs CEO, Rob Garrison, as he explores how importers can reduce risk, improve efficiency, and champion social mission across their supply chain.
Hosted by Let's Talk Supply Chain Founder Sarah Barnes-Humphrey, featuring special guests including Sydney Badger, Co-Founder Public Habit and Mercado Labs Product Manager, Rebecca Rizzuti.
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