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Supply Chain Transformation through Automation

It’s no secret that the first 120 days of the international supply chain is disconnected. But what if you could completely digitize that first mile by connecting your sourcing, purchasing, and logistics teams together in one process? The reality is it doesn't need to be difficult and it all starts with one simple concept: automation.
Join Mercado’s Robert Garrison and David DuPree as they discuss the need for transformation via automation in the supply chain.

You'll discover:

  1. How automation simplifies the international supply chain
  2. The 10 keys to automation
  3. The 4 bottom line benefits of automating your supply chain


How Supplier Collaboration can Dramatically Improve your Supply Chain

Building relationships with your suppliers is the most important part of your supply chain because these are the entities making your products. Believe it or not, little connectivity currently exists between a supplier and an importer due to the amount of complexity within the international supply chain.
Join Mercado’s Robert Garrison and David DuPree as they discuss the importance of supplier collaboration, and how to accomplish it successfully (and easily).

You'll discover:

  1. What’s unique about international supplier collaboration that doesn’t exist in most markets
  2. How a lack of supplier collaboration can impact an importer
  3. How importers can improve supplier collaboration


The Important Role Compliance Plays in the International Supply Chain

Products can't even get into the United States unless companies follow strict (and important) compliance and governmental guidelines. That's why knowing the importance of compliance and all the different branches of compliance guidelines is crucial in order to have a successful supply chain.
Join Mercado’s Rebecca Rizzuti and David DuPree as they discuss the importance of supply chain compliance and how companies can improve in this space.

We'll talk about:

  1. The importance (and honor) of being a customs broker
  2. The three branches of compliance
  3. Current most pressing compliance challenges and how companies can manage them
  4. Applying the 10 points of automation to the compliance space
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