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The essential intelligence you need to accelerate your sustainability goals.

ESG is one of the hottest issues facing the supply chain right now. Mercado & Topl's Accelerated ESG Solution provides essential intelligence to accelerate your sustainability journey.
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Revolutionizing the import supply chain

Virtually every product we use each day is imported.
While significant investment has been made in the final mile (the last steps of the import supply chain), products that arrive at a consumer’s door within days still take months to be ordered, manufactured, and shipped by retailers.
The Mercado x Topl partnership is designed to help importers re-imagine how they manage their first mile operations, starting with their supplier relationships.

How it works

By digitizing the first mile of the supply chain on Mercado's import order management system and then tracking and recording supply chain data on the Topl Blockchain, businesses can provide irrefutable proof of their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) claims – all while holding their partners and suppliers accountable to promises and claims.
From validating how much waste is saved from landfills, to verifying that no child labor was used to create products in factories, Mercado x Topl brings the first-in-market ability to leverage blockchain to create a positive supply chain impact on people and the planet – and we hope it won't be the last.

01 Innovate

ESG starts by setting innovative goals; ideas that help shape an industry or the way you impact people and the planet. Mercado has a library of pre-built checks and balances to get you started right away, else you can implement your own bespoke standards.

02 Connect

Next, Mercado digitally connects you with your supplier, building a meaningful and purposeful relationship founded on aligned expectations and standards set out in your terms of service.

03 Certify

To verify that your suppliers can meet those standards, you must then implement a level of certification – basic mechanics to ensure a base-level of compliance is met. This could cover anything from social, to regulatory, to supply chain standards.

04 Validate

Saying you meet a set of standards is one thing; validating them is another. Mercado x Topl creates an immutable record using a social blockchain to record and hold suppliers to account for the things they say.

05 Measure

Once you set, established, and implemented your ESG standards, Mercado equips businesses to measure adherence over time, with tools to measure specific needs – such as the carbon footprint of every order – and workflows to automate renewals.

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Connect your suppliers, partners, and products across the first mile. Gain clarity, control, and confidence with the cloud-based Mercado supplier enablement solution.
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By digitizing supplier relationships and storing agreements and commitments to a dedicated social blockchain, you can ensure suppliers stay true to their promises.
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Protect your brand and establish compliance standards across your business that can then be automatically rolled out to new suppliers with ease.
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Redesigning the world of fashion

The global fashion supply chain is broken. Retail planning teams today source and order garments up to a year before they hit the high street, meaning they must predict trends way in advance.

The result? Over 60% of products manufactured end up as waste in landfills (EPA).
Mercado & Topl partnered with Public Habit to address this head-on, redesigning the way goods are bought and sold through implementing blockchain technology. Making data not only more auditable and transparent, but reducing inventory, lead-times, and waste – all whilst increasing profits.

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Achieve your ESG goals and gain essential intelligence to accelerate your sustainability journey.
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