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We live in a consumer driven world. $2.5T worth of products are imported annually, representing 15% of U.S. GDP. It’s time companies become fully connected to the people who make and move our products, and look for ways to improve the way we plan, buy, and move them around the world. Join Mercado CEO Rob Garrison and special guests every second Tuesday of the month at 12pm ET as they explore the future of the supply chain in 2022 and beyond.
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Mercado | Platform - Mercado Plan
Episode 1

We Need to Chat About the First Mile

Mercado | Platform - Mercado Move
Episode 2

The Supply Chain Isn’t What it Used to Be

Mercado | Platform - Mercado Buy
Episode 3

We Need to Digitize the Supply Chain

Mercado | Platform - Mercado Analytics
Episode 4

Adjustments to the Supply Chain Are Needed

Mercado | Insights - The power of partnerships
Episode 5

Tomorrow's Importers Must Do Things Differently

Mercado Labs x Forbes | The Five 'Dragons' To Watch Out For In The New Supply Chain Environment
Episode 6

Educating an Industry Stuck in the 80s

Mercado | Insights - Beyond the ports, what's next?
Episode 7

Supply Chain is More Than Meets the Eye

Mercado Labs | Press Release | Mercado Labs to revolutionize the way importers and suppliers connect to improve the international supply chain
Episode 8

Supply Networks Are Shifting

Mercado | Insights - Beyond the ports, what's next?
Episode 9

Transformation Through Technology

Mercado | Insights | Who is going to do to the first mile what Amazon did to the final mile? Part 2
Episode 10

An Importer's Guide on What Not to Do

Mercado | Insights | It's called a "supply" chain for a reason
Episode 11

When Supply Doesn't Equal Demand

Mercado Labs | CEO supply chain quotes from the boardroom
Episode 12

Supply Chain Predictions for 2023