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The importance of an import management system

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The importance of an import order management system (and why you can't import successfully without one)

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F or many international importers, problems faced downstream in the supply chain are far too common a result of upstream mishaps. Whether it's delayed shipments due to a mix-up with a supplier, hold-ups at the border due to incorrect (or incomplete) customs declarations, or errors on shipment documentation, once goods get onto a boat or a plane, there's virtually nothing you can do to affect the outcome.
Mercado is designed to tackle these issues head on by automating all the offline, manual, and time-consuming import processes through a simple, cloud-based import order management system.

It works by connecting the 80% of the supply chain (we call it the 'first mile') that's currently offline with the final 20% (the 'final mile'). By seamlessly integrating with all your existing tools and systems, Mercado gathers all required data for your inbound imports onto one platform, validating the order through order management features including production controls, a real-time change log, and in-built communication tools and aligning it with the rest of your operations and business units.

Q. So what exactly is an oder management system?

An import order management system (iOMS) is a supply chain platform that uses technology to plan, execute, and optimize the import supply chain. The entire process becomes efficient and secure, and your products get to market swiftly and in great condition.

Q. But why do I need an order management system?

A typical Purchase Order (PO) has a value of $50,000, involves 28 people, eight departments, seven business entities, and takes four months to complete. Without an order management system, this process is inefficient, opaque, and high risk. An iOMS gives importers back the control they need to improve their processes, build in automation, and gain valuable insights that enable them to save time and money.

Importing is a costly, time consuming, disconnected, and largely manual business. An iOMS seamlessly connects, automates, simplifies, and improves the entire process. The benefits are many, however the results are improved time to market, reduced costs, and increased sales.

In short, if you import, you need an order management system.

Q. How does an order management system work?

The Mercado import order management system works by connecting with your ERP* to receive and digitize your international orders. Your digitized orders are then presented to your suppliers via a secure cloud-based platform.

Upon receipt of your order, you are fully connected to your suppliers and products throughout the 90 days it takes on average to produce your orders. The platform contains process, workflow, and automation to ensure that all order activities are conducted in an efficient and transparent manner.

*Connectivity available by API, CSV, EDI, OCR, and data entry.
About Mercado
Here at Mercado, we have first-hand experience with the issues a disconnected and siloed supply network creates. With internal teams disconnected from each other and vendors, it comes as no surprise that importers across the globe are feeling the strain of the current pandemic aftermath.

Designed by importers for importers, we’ve created an import order management system (iOMS) that connects and automates the global supply chain, connecting the 80% that remains “offline” to make it easier for importers to buy and ship the products they sell.

With enhanced supplier collaboration, real-time production management, and production controls, Mercado’s built-in features enable enterprises to re-prioritize supply chain convergence and harness the benefits of a unified business, including increased resilience, improved risk management, and accelerated innovation.
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