Chain is

Do something about it
before it's too late.

If you're reading this, you've got issues.

The import supply chain is broken. Period.

Importing has never been as difficult as it is now, and the products you import have never been more at risk. However, it’s never been more important to get things right.

Your imports are costing you lost sales.

Importers like you are relying on outdated tools (usually email and spreadsheets) to manage millions of dollars' worth of goods.

By running your supply chain this way, you’re placing unnecessary risk not only on the purchasing side, but also on potential sales.
Here's the fix

Your imports are costing you lost sales.

Get unf*cked.

Looking for the fix to your supply chain issues?
You've found it.

The good news?
Mercado is here to help.

Mercado was designed to change the way the world trades, transacts, and interacts.
Our purpose-built international supply chain order management platform connects brands to the people who make and move their products.

Increase your transparency, efficiency, and time to market today.

For Sourcing

Mercado Plan

Automate, simplify, and maintain compliance across your international suppliers and vendors.

For purchasing

Mercado Buy

Digital orders provide complete control over the outcome of your products by automating purchasing and finance.

For Logistics

Mercado Move

Connectivity to purchasing, hierarchical visibility to your global logistics and products.

For Leadership

Mercado Analytics

Manage what you measure with end-to-end supply chain analytics. Need a few more words.

Get unf*cked.

Ready to get started? Get in touch to find the fix for your import supply chain.
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