Mercado Labs | The "Five Step Programme" every importer needs

The “Five Step Programme” every importer needs


The "Five Step Programme" every importer needs

On the most recent First Things First live show (which you can catch up on here), Mercado CEO Rob Garrison shared his ‘Five step program to help businesses reign in costs’ which we wanted to share for all importing businesses to leverage. It covers a number of broad areas based on Rob’s decades of supply chain experience and is chock full of great advice and tips.

Create an SOP

In essence, a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is a method of connecting your sales forecast with your operating plan, enabling you to project what sales are going to be in the near term, mid term and long term, and then build an operating plan around that data.

Connect with the people who move and make your products

This may sound obvious, but it’s not as common or as easy and you might think. Most importing businesses today remain tied to outdated tools, often using email and spreadsheets to manage hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of products across the entire first mile of their supply chain. By creating valued relationships with suppliers and partners, brands can dramatically improve their collaboration across the end-to-end process, creating improved efficiency and cost savings while minimizing disruption from unforeseen costs.

Digitize your supply chain for increased efficiency

Today’s global supply chain is highly analog, which leads to massive wastes in terms of time, as well as potential for data to be input incorrectly, leading to delays and shortages. Through digitizing the way data is captured, stored, and shared, businesses can leverage information in real-time, helping to shape strategic insights and make proactive decisions as well as react to shocks and disruptions in a timely manner.

Company-wide analytics

Often, different departments in a business are running different types of analytics, leading to one set of metrics sub-optimizing the next link in the chain. Having a standardized, consistent set of company-wide analytics solves this problem, and makes sure that everyone is working from the same data.

Monthly reporting to C-Suite

While a typical C-Suite provides an excellent structure from which to run a business, chances are they don’t have the in-depth knowledge or expertise around the intricacies of the global supply chain. By providing proactive, real-time metrics on a regular basis, importers can aid senior executives to make strategic decisions and appropriately allocate funds and resources as needed most.
Rob Garrison, Mercado CEO

About the Author

A highly accomplished Global Supply Chain executive with 25 years of experience, Rob Garrison has provided strategic vision and leadership to Fortune 500 companies. Rob has an impressive history of building agile, technology-enabled supply chains, and he has an established track record of forging high-growth partnerships, positioning organizations for success and launching innovative technology solutions that significantly improve end-to-end supply chain efficiencies. Rob is currently CEO and founder of Mercado Labs.
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