Are you an importer? We bet we can find $10,000,000 locked in your business.

International importers lose millions of dollars every year as a result of a disconnected supply chain. Take up the challenge and discover how your business could unlock trapped cash today.
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Mercado $10m Challenge

It's not every day that someone offers you 10 million dollars, but we believe you already have that locked inside your business just waiting to be released. How do we know? Because we've helped many importers like you to find lost revenue and hidden costs that are plaguing their processes and capsizing their supply chains.

Finding and unlocking that value is what we do.

How does it work?

We help global importers like you, find money trapped in their business processes across their supply chain. Our import Order Management System (iOMS) helps you plan, buy, and ship your products with ease — unlocking millions of dollars in savings potential along the way.

Our import Order Management System is designed to specifically identify and streamline capacity across your existing systems. We're not one of those "rip and replace" solutions, but instead work alongside your existing setup — including your ERP, CRM, WMS, TMS — to improve your sourcing, buying, production, and logistics functions.

What do I have to do?

The Mercado iOMS works with the existing systems you already use — like your ERP, CRM, WMS, name it — so you don't have to worry about adding yet another tool to your tech stack. We'll work with you to identify your savings and discover how Mercado pays for itself tens, if not hundreds, or times over.

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