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What is an import Order Management System?

What is an import Order Management System?

An import Order Management System (iOMS) is a supply chain platform that uses technology to plan, execute, and optimize the import supply chain. The entire process becomes efficient and secure, and your products get to market swiftly and in great condition.

An iOMS works by connecting with your ERP* to receive and digitize your international orders. Your digitized orders are then presented to your suppliers via a secure cloud-based platform. Upon receipt of your order, you are fully connected to your suppliers and products throughout the 90 days it takes on average to produce your orders. The platform contains process, workflow, and automation to ensure that all order activities are conducted in an efficient and transparent manner.

*Connectivity available by API, CSV, EDI, OCR, and data entry.

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About Mercado

At Mercado Labs, we know your product is the lifeblood of your business. And yet managing your imports has become increasingly complex over recent years, with products taking on average 5 months to receive, suppliers located thousands of miles away, and external forces – from trade wars to global pandemics – creating extreme uncertainty. Most of the process is analog and takes far too long. So we wanted to change that.

The Mercado platform helps importers to better manage their orders from source to store. By focusing on the First Mile – the initial 120 days of an order – we help businesses optimize their global trade, eliminating pain and mitigating risk across the supply chain.

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