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Step 1
Navigate through your COURSE using the arrows.
Mercado Labs | Mercado Plan Support - Starting a course
Step 2
When you reach a QUIZ within the COURSE, click START
Mercado Labs | Mercado Plan Support - Starting a quiz
Step 3
When you start the QUIZ, you'll be taken through a set of questions. Select the answer you believe to be correct, and move on to the next question.
Mercado Labs | Mercado Plan Support - inputting answers
Step 4
Once you're happy with your answers, click the COMPLETE button.
Mercado Labs | Mercado Plan Support - Completing inputting answers
Step 5
You will then be asked to confirm that you're ready to submit your answers. Click YES to finish, or NO to go back and change your answers.
Mercado Labs | Mercado Plan Support - Submitting a quiz
Step 6
You will then receive your score. The platform will show in the top right corner if you have "failed" or "passed".

You will then be shown a summary at the top of the screen, which outlines:
  • The number of correct answers
  • The number of incorrect
  • The number of unanswered questions
  • The rate of correct answers (%)
The score review will then show you through each question and show you the correct answers—highlighted in green—and the incorrect answers—highlighted in red.
Mercado Labs | Mercado Plan Support - Scoring in quizzes
Step 7
Click the OK button to start again.

Once you've refreshed your knowledge, you can retake the QUIZ however, you'll only be able to do this if the course creator has set up the quiz to be taken more than once.

The course will also show you whether you passed or failed in the previous attempt.
Mercado Labs | Mercado Plan Support - Re-starting a course
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