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Mercado Plan   |   How to Create a New Survey

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Step 1
Start by filling in required fields marked by asterisk, including SUBJECT and TITLE.

Step 2
You can then choose to:
  • Show questions one at a time, or show all question together
  • Show or not show the question number
Questions will be added one at a time in the ADD A QUESTION section.

You will be presented with the following question types:
  • Short answer (with an option to upload file)
  • Multiple choice
  • Scale (allowing you to collect feedback on multiple statements)
  • Fillable PDF form
Step 3
Enter question text.

Step 4
Click the + button to add the answer options (if they are required).

Step 4
Click the SAVE button to save the question or the RESET button to cancel the operation.

Please note: your questions will be added to the Preview area. Click on arrows to change the order of the questions. Click on a specific question number to edit that question. Scroll up to the question editor and click the SAVE button when finished.

Other options include:
  • Setting branching/skipping rules to choose next questions based on selected answer – this feature is applicable only to Surveys or Quizzes which are presenting one question at a time
  • Limiting the time your Survey is available for
Be sure to click the SAVE button at the bottom to save entire Survey. The new Survey will show up in Survey catalog and will be available for use in your Courses.
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