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Mercado Plan comes with a suite of accessible courses for you and your partners—however you may also want to upload your own custom content for your business and partners.

Here are the steps you need to upload custom content to Mercado Plan.
Step 1: Accessing Mercado Plan
To access Plan, log into Mercado and click the PLAN tab at the top of your Mercado dashboard.
From the drop-down menu, click COMPLIANCE AND VETTING.
Your browser will automatically open a pop-up window which will take you to your Mercado Plan dashboard. Here, you can see all of the courses accessible to you to access.
Step 2: Creating a new course
From the COURSE view, click NEW in the top right corner.
Step 3: Add in new course details
Enter in the relevant information about your course. The following fields are mandatory to complete:

  • Subject
  • Name
  • Type
  • Thumbnail
  • Language
  • Start Date

You can add in any additional information you require, however it is not mandatory to do so.
Step 4: User permissions
Next, you must select the user permissions for your course. This allows you to define who can:

  • View the course
  • Edit the course
  • Start the course
  • Manage the course attendees

Select the available user or group from the drop down menu, then click the right arrow and move the user or group into the selected users.
To remove the user or group, select them from the right hand side and click the left arrow.
Click SAVE in the bottom right hand corner to complete the ABOUT section.
Step 5: Structuring your course
Navigate to the COURSE tab.
Courses are made up of modules, which help to break up course content and are listed on the left hand side menu. 

To add a new module to your course, click ADD MODULE.
Name the module and click SAVE.
Beneath each module, you can create sections. Sections break up modules even further to help user navigate exactly where they are in the course.

To add a section, click the + button next to the corresponding module.
Complete the NAME of the section and select what TYPE of section you want it to be using the dropdown options provided.
Step 6: Adding course content
Once you've added the relevant course structure, you can start adding your content.

Simply add text into the text box to get started.
You can edit the text size by selecting one of the pre-set heading sizes (H1, H2. H3. H4 & H5) or for body copy we’d suggest using the “P” (paragraph) default sizing. You can further stylize your text using the options available.
To embed a video from the internet (for example, YouTube) select the VIDEO PLAY icon. A pop up will appear asking you to paste the URL for your video. 
To upload your own image or video file, click the UPLOAD icon at the top of the page.

You’ll then be prompted to upload a file directly from your computer.
If you wish, you can then rename the file in the editor, as it will appear to any users accessing the course.
Save your course by clicking SAVE.
Once your file has been successfully uploaded, it will appear in your course. 
Once you’re happy with the content in this section, click SAVE in the bottom right and repeat the points above to add more pages.
Step 7: Adding a Welcome Page
We recommend also adding a Welcome Page to your course, in order to provide further context around what the course will include.
This could include amongst other things:

  • An image
  • A header
  • A few lines explaining the course
  • A few lines explaining what the user will get out of the course

Here is an example of a Welcome Page.
To create and edit your Welcome page, click WELCOME PAGE at the top of the screen, and start editing it as you would a course section.

Once completed, click SAVE.
Step 8: Viewing your course
Once you’ve finished uploading all your content, click SAVE and return back to the courses homepage by clicking COURSES in the top navigation bar menu.

Your new course will then appear in your dashboard and be labelled as NEW for all users who you have given access permission in Step 4 above.
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