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Mercado was designed to help you succeed. That's why we built our supplier program directly into the heart of the platform to activate and connect you with your suppliers in a matter of minutes.
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Great supply chains start with great connections.

Without suppliers, your supply chain would be nonexistent. Every stitch, measurement, paint swab, and fabric is meticulously crafted and built to bring your vision to life—and at the heart of it all, are your suppliers.
Mercado changes the game for your supplier relationships, helping you to manage, collaborate, and automate processes from a single, centralized platform. And with access free for all suppliers, they can be up and running in as little as 30 minutes.

Enhanced Visibility

Replace redundant spreadsheets and WeChat messaging with real-time, accurate order details down the product SKU. One source of truth with access for all.

Greater Accountability

Say goodbye to “he said, she said” when it comes to the status of orders or when changes are made mid-production. Manage and sign-off POs and get results, every time.

Trusted Relationships

Put trust back at the heart of your supplier relationships with in-built vetting and compliance standards to ensure all parties are aligned on expected outcomes and meet your standards and requirements from day one.

Plug in to a digital supply chain network and re-connect with your partners and vendors.

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Mercado Labs | Suppliers - Production Monitoring

Production Monitoring.

Never lose track of your production process or deadlines again.

  • Configure milestones for individual orders and suppliers
  • Receive notifications and alerts ahead of issues arising
  • Attach photos, videos, and documents for complete transparency
Mercado Labs | Suppliers - Production Monitoring
Mercado Labs | Suppliers - Supplier Profile
Mercado Labs | Suppliers - Supplier Profile

Comprehensive Supplier Profiles

Get to know your supply network like never before.

  • Create completely customizable supplier profiles that bring your vendors to life
  • Link orders, contracts, and eDocuments with individual suppliers for more accurate reporting and planning
Mercado Labs | Suppliers - Commercial Invoice created direct from your Booking

Automated Commercial Invoicing

Issues with orders can hit your bottom line – and hard. Mercado automates invoice generation directly from the Purchase Order, ensuring it’s 100% accurate and validated from the outset.

  • No more timely cross-referencing for your accounting team
  • Decrease your brokerage fees with accurate customs documents
  • Ensure you pay the right amount –on time, every time
Mercado Labs | Suppliers - Commercial Invoice created direct from your Booking

Why suppliers love Mercado.

Free supplier access & portal

30 minute onboarding & training

Native language translation

Electronic documentation and bookings

One-click production monitoring

Online change management

Mercado had a very easy onboarding process for our suppliers and the motivation they needed was there from day one. It’s been a very positive experience for everybody involved in our supply chain.
Josh Carter, Supply Chain Director at Whitmor
Mercado | The import supply chain is broken

Reconnect with your suppliers today.

Mercado completely changes the way importer-supplier relationships are managed, tracked, and grown.

Speak to one of the team and discover how Mercado can help improve your supplier and workforce satisfaction today.
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