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Automate and simplify vetting and maintain compliance across your international suppliers and vendors

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Mercado Labs | Product Suite - Plan

Designed for sourcing and purchasing teams to maintain transparency and collaboration across the production process

Supplier Bidding

Manage the entire bidding process, from document submission, to quote management, pricing, and final agreements. Work collaboratively with your suppliers to enable the end-to-end bid process with ease and automated workflows.

Supplier Compliance

Establish compliance standards and enroll suppliers into predefined workflows to ensure vetting and adherence across supply chain, regulatory, and social compliance standards.

Supplier Onboarding

Seamlessly align suppliers with internal processes and systems through integrated onboarding, ensuring you only work with vetted and compliant suppliers.

Quality Control

Align your expectations with those of your suppliers across social, supply chain, and regulatory compliance standards. Ensuring that your products meet customers’ expectations, move quickly through your supply chain without delay, and are in compliance with all relevant regulations.

Improve internal compliance and plan your partners more purposefully with Mercado Plan

Vet and measure supplier compliance
Approve / reject suppliers & take appropriate actions
Report and measure on supplier compliance

Plug in to a digital supply chain network through the world's first online importing platform

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Mercado Labs | Product Suite - Buy
Mercado Buy
Designed to equip buying and purchasing teams with a digital order, providing complete control over the outcome of imports from the moment an order is placed.
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Mercado Labs | Product Suite - Move
Mercado Move
Designed for logistics teams to plan and manage shipments with greater accuracy and to communicate more effectively with the wider business.
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