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Plan and manage shipments with greater accuracy and decrease operational risk across business units

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Mercado Labs | Product Suite - Move

Designed for logistics teams to plan and manage shipments with greater accuracy and to communicate more effectively with the wider business

Provider Connectivity

Mercado’s Provider Connectivity solution significantly improves the process of working with your 3PL, saving you time, money, and hassle across all your shipments. Mercado’s Internal Booking feature generates an electronic booking from your purchase order and sends it directly to your 3PL – ensuring no lost information or miscommunication through an electronic handoff. And with everything attached to your order, it remains intact allowing you to track shipments at order and product level, eradicating any room for mistakes.

Order, Product & Shipment Visibility

Create a single view of all of your shipments, and roll-down to SKU level to gain the insights to track and manage individual POs and products.

Milestone Management

Minimize unexpected delays and proactively manage each step of your shipment with work-in-progress notifications built directly into the process.

Electronic Documentation

Automate settlement, receiving, and customs clearance, ensuring you pay, declare, and receive exactly what you order. Mercado takes your audited PO to automatically create the relevant commercial documentation and lists, reducing the workload for your partners and your business, and ensuring Accounting has a perfect accounting and receiving match, and your broker receives the customs information they need, electronically.

Keep your products arriving exactly as intended and aligned to the original order with Mercado Move

Deep-level shipment detail from Container to PO to SKU
Automatic document creation including ISF, Packing List, and Commercial Invoice
In-built BI & reporting across shipments and vendors

Plug in to a digital supply chain network through the world's first online importing platform

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Mercado Labs | Product Suite - Buy
Mercado Plan
Designed for sourcing and purchasing teams, Mercado Plan automates and simplifies the process of vetting and maintaining compliance. Helping to ensure suppliers meet with internal standards and remain aligned for years to come.
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Mercado Labs | Product Suite - Move
Mercado Buy
Designed to equip buying and purchasing teams with a digital order, providing complete control over the outcome of imports from the moment an order is placed.
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