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Delays in the manufacture of goods due to missed communications; compliance issues at the border due to incomplete customs declarations; misalignment between shipment bookings and invoice due to manual error. Importing can be a headache at the best of times. Now you can automate all your manual, time-consuming import processes with Mercado's online importing platform. Seamlessly share, track, and manage orders live and in the cloud, automatically gathering all the data to make bookings in one validating all your documents against a validated, digital order in real time.
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Mercado makes it easier to plan, buy, and move the products you sell.
Sourcing goods from foreign markets helps companies diversify their portfolios and decrease production costs while expanding product variety and reducing prices. However, importers must collaborate with trading partners to ensure that complete and accurate information and documents accompany inbound shipments. Missing import clearance data leads to customs delays, which increase detention and demurrage costs and can prevent companies from getting goods to market on time in an era where on- time delivery is vital. Organizations must also keep pace with import regulations to avoid violations, penalties and brand damage.
With Mercado, gain deep visibility into your import flows and processes, manage orders seamlessly across the supply chain, and exchange information between your teams and partners with real-time, on-demand engagement tools.
  • Track, manage, and share orders live with suppliers and 3rd parties
  • Automatically generate, distribute, and manage documentation across the supply chain process
  • Enable customs compliance and entry filing for efficient transmission to the broker
  • Assemble customs entry data and validate declaration
  • And more...
There are 7 key advantages of implementing an online import Order Management System. Discover why businesses who import need a platform to connect their suppliers, partners, products, and teams together:
Consumer technology
Consumer expectation & demand have leaked into the business world – and we agree.
Today, virtually everything we do and touch day-to-day is made easier by technology. Alexa tells us the weather, Waze gets us where we need to go, our phones are more powerful than the first NASA computers, and our DVR allows us to binge watch our favorite TV shows. We have come to expect things to be available instantly and easily at the tap of a button or the swipe of a finger.

For businesses, this expectation and ease of access to information is now transcending the borders between work and play. Importers who have previously relied on manual, analog processes are now faced with the need to plug in to a digital world.
Modern iOMS features include:
  • Native Language Translation
  • Tags
  • Chat
  • Team Collaboration

So you can stay connected and up-to-date in real-time through the power of the cloud.
Mercado | Guide download - 6 Advantages of a Modern IMS
The critical supplier stakeholder
With the rise in savvy consumerism and shareholder activism, the role of the supplier has become even more critical in the path to success.
As we have seen in the past 5-10 years, the push to transform the final mile of the supply chain has been highly compelling, forever changing customer expectation when it comes to doing business. The next supply chain transformation to occur will be the first mile. The reality is that the majority of products arriving on our doorsteps are made 8,000+ miles away, opening up the opportunity to provide greater levels of transparency and equip businesses with the tools necessary for even greater ease of meeting consumer demand with ease.

The key is connecting the suppliers who manufacture the goods, the partners who inspect and transport them, and their extended networks. A modern iOMS recognizes the first mile digital supply network as key to overall success. Suppliers are the essential stakeholder in getting products to market quickly, efficiently, and transparently.

Modern iOMS solutions include:
  • A collaborative, digital ordering process
  • Suppliers onboarding in <30 minutes
  • Supplier-specific tools for workload reduction and efficiency
  • Supplier native configuration capabilities
  • In-built product master
  • Advance reporting and analytics
Mercado | Guide download - 6 Advantages of a Modern IMS
Social awareness
Environmental & social awareness have sky-rocketed, and importers need to take note.
While CSR was not new when Mercado was first formed, we anticipated it would grow in importance. Little could we have guessed just how important it would be to have a transparent and resilient supply chain. 
ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) are now “top of mind” issues for consumers, investors, employees, and shareholders alike – and are critical to not only thriving but surviving in today's world.
Mercado was built from the ground up to tackle both of these issues head on, providing solutions including:
  • Transparency
  • Resiliency
  • Visibility
  • Next-tier connectivity
  • Traceability enablement
  • In-built requirements guidelines
Mercado | Guide download - 6 Advantages of a Modern IMS
The strategic first mile advantage
The first mile is the most complex and lengthy portion (75%) of the supply chain, providing an incredible strategic opportunity.
With custom manufacturing taking on average 3 months, importers tie up vast amounts of working capital and create “risk” for products they won't see or sell until months later when they arrive at their destination.

An iOMS provides a simple solution through collaborative tools – starting with a networked order that enables a digital supply network connected to digital final mile demand. In addition to digitization and collaborative workflows, such platforms also contain in-built process and automation to dramatically improve efficiency.
The Mercado iOMS provides in-built solutions and features to equip importers with everything they need to manage their products from initial sourcing and manufacture, all the way to shipment and processes.

Features include:
  • Production & change control
  • Automated documentation
  • “On Order” communication, alerts & notifications
  • Advanced analytics & reporting
Mercado | Guide download - 6 Advantages of a Modern IMS
The power of your team
Supply chain unity starts by communicating, connecting, and engaging with your global team.
The network-driven map app, Waze, has transformed navigation over the past decade as travellers benefit from the power of connecting with the wider network of fellow travelers, businesses, emergency services, government guidelines, and predictive analytics to get to their destination faster and with less risk.

In a typical international supply chain, the reality is few of the 8 business entities, 7 departments, and 30 users are connected – eliminating the possibility of the collective awareness, expertise, and knowledge available throughout the “journey.”
An iOMS like Mercado works in a similar fashion to Waze, providing importers with a fully connected and networked platform:
  • Work collaboration
  • Supplier and user profiles
  • Order collaboration
  • Process management, workflow, and automation
  • Commercial document collaboration
  • End-to-end network connectivity, visibility, and common language
Mercado | Guide download - 6 Advantages of a Modern IMS
We believe every company should be able to gain advantage in their supply chains – so we built it into the core values at Mercado.
We are fortunate to live in a world where modern technology is accessible to the vast majority of businesses around the world. Here at Mercado, we wanted to build an affordable platform that every company could adopt and afford – from new market disruptors to brands that have supported our economy for decades.

Earlier systems in the market were built on legacy technology that was difficult to deploy and only the biggest companies could afford, meaning only the top 1% of supply chains could gain advantage.
At Mercado, we wanted to do something different. To be different. We believe every company should be able to gain competitive advantage in their supply chains, so we're making the most accessible and easy-to-use IMS the global supply chain has ever seen.

Mercado is:
  • Fast, getting you up and running in as little as a week
  • Affordable, with process starting at $10 per order
  • Offers a high ROI averaging around 3 months
Mercado | Guide download - 6 Advantages of a Modern IMS
A neutral platform
The supply chain is undergoing rapid change – Mercado Marketplace is helping importers to change with it.
You don’t need to look too far back to see how things have drastically changed in the supply chain world – tariffs, trade wars, and the recent global pandemic have changed the landscape and exposed age-old gaps in the way international businesses run.

The problem lies in that traditional systems used by many importers remain archaic, keeping their customers “locked in” and limiting their ability to change and grow as the market shifts.
At Mercado, we see things differently. Our IMS acts as your system of engagement – so you can easily engage or switch to any partner that best suits your needs with the click of a button. Connecting you with ease to whichever service or software provider best suits you evolving needs.

The marketplace approach affords the following solutions:
  • Best in class
  • You always own your data
  • Consistent uniformity
  • Market flexibility
  • Our promise for neutrality
Mercado | Guide download - 6 Advantages of a Modern IMS
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