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With products taking on average six months to plan, buy, and move to destination, international importers have a tough job to ensure they accurately forecast and deliver for their customers on time and to specification.
We created the Mercado product suite to shine bright lights into dark corners of the supply chain and re-connect the manual supply side with your digital demand.
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Mercado Labs | Product Suite - Plan
Mercado Plan
Design to improve the vetting & compliance of your teams and suppliers.
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Mercado Labs | Product Suite - Buy
Mercado Buy
Design to improve the vetting & compliance of your teams and suppliers.
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Mercado Labs | Product Suite - Move
Mercado Move
Design to improve the vetting & compliance of your teams and suppliers.
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"We're living in an age when I can order a product online and have it in my hands later the same day...yet that product likely took at least 6 months to be sourced, ordered, manufactured, and shipped to the distribution center. That's madness! It needs to change and that's why we created Mercado. Let's work together to make importing more efficient and equitable."

Rob Garrison
CEO, Mercado Labs
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Mercado Labs | Product Suite - Plan
Launching Spring 2021
Mercado Plan
Designed for sourcing and purchasing teams, Mercado Plan automates and simplifies the process of vetting and maintaining compliance. Helping to ensure suppliers meet with internal standards and remain aligned for years to come.
  Improve supplier compliance
  Vet and measure supplier compliance
  Approve / reject suppliers & take appropriate actions
  Report and measure on supplier compliance
Improve internal compliance and plan your partners more purposefully with Mercado Plan.
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Mercado Labs | Product Suite - Buy
Mercado Buy
Designed to equip buying and purchasing teams with a digital order, providing complete control over the outcome of imports from the moment an order is placed.
  Create and manage orders directly from your ERP
  Keep POs on-track with Product and Change Controls
  Track, accept, and reject changes with custom approvals
  Collaborate live on POs with internal teams and external partners
Ensure your suppliers produce and deliver your products to the exact specifications, reducing rework and increasing time to market with Mercado Buy.
Keep on top of your imports throughout the entire buying process by digitizing your purchase orders. Maintain a single source of truth and keep everything related to your order up-to-date and available at your fingertips 24/7.
Mercado Labs | Product Suite - Move
Mercado Move
Designed for logistics teams to plan and manage shipments with greater accuracy and to communicate more effectively with the wider business.
  Deep-level shipment detail from Container to PO to SKU
  Automatic document creation including ISF, Packing List, and Commercial Invoice
  In-built BI & reporting across shipments and vendors
Keep your products arriving exactly as intended and aligned to the original order with Mercado Move.
Mercado’s Provider Connectivity solution significantly improves the process of working with your 3PL, saving you time, money, and hassle across all your shipments.

Mercado’s Internal Booking feature generates an electronic booking from your purchase order and sends it directly to your 3PL – ensuring no lost information or miscommunication through an electronic handoff. And with everything attached to your order, it remains intact allowing you to track shipments at order and product level, eradicating any room for mistakes.

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