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[ Introduction ]
Mercado is perfectly situated to take advantage of this market opportunity.

The initial revolution was the final mile. Products now arrive at your doorstep the same day you order them. Those products sitting on your doorstep likely originated in Asia — the first mile of the import supply chain.

Today, the first mile is complex, disconnected, analog, and slow.
[ The Opportunity ]
The Mercado Import Management System (IMS) enables a first mile digital supply network to disrupt the $2T import market.
Our timing is perfect. In the last three years 5 major events have shaken this market to its core, resulting in a market that is ripe and receptive to change. Mercado provides solutions for all five of these challenges.

  • Trade Wars
  • Sourcing Shifts
  • ESG / CSR
  • Pandemic
  • Bottlenecks

If you have contacts with any importers, we would love an introduction. If you have any other portfolio founders disrupting large markets, we would love to meet them.
What is Mercado?
[ Our Successes ]
2020 was a breakout year for Mercado. Below are highlighted some of our biggest wins included.
Mercado | Investment - Investment
Receiving investments for further planned expansion opportunities
Mercado | Investment - Growth
Revenue grew 358% (YOY) compared to 2019
Mercado | Investment - Product development
Made significant platform enhancements for scale and advanced customer solutions
Mercado | Investment - Team
Confirmed product-market fit and expanded sales and product teams
Mercado Customers | AutoZone
We're excited for our upcoming session with our partner, Autozone, on the role of a modern Import management System (IMS) to repair the fragmented supply chain.
[ Team Growth ]
In the past 12 months, the Mercado team has grown significantly.
Notable new hires include two new function leads joining the Mercado team, with Ivan Guevara filling the role of Head of Sales and Jeremy Brook as Head of Engineering.
Mercado | Meet the Team - Ivan Guevara, VP Sales
Ivan Guevara
Ivan Guevara is a Marine Corps veteran who has built his history on sales — starting as a door-to-door salesman and working his way up to Sales leadership roles. Working at companies like IMB, Quintiq, and Dassault Systems, Ivan is ready to grow and expand the Mercado Sales team into the next year.
Mercado | Meet the Team - Jeremy Brooks, Head of Engineering
Jeremy Brooks
Jeremy Brooks is an engineer and entrepreneur with a vast history of building and implementing strong engineering programs across a variety of industries. Jeremy worked at Mozido, Hideaway Report, was a Co-founder of Primo Athletic, and Shep prior to working at Mercado. His plans and expertise provide great insight to future platform improvements for the betterment of Mercado’s clients.
[ What's coming ]
2021 is off to a great start and we are already seeing massive opportunities for growth.
It's true to say, 2020 presented a whole host of challenges, new and old, for the entire industry – especially in the second half of the year. As the COVID-19 pandemic took its toll on the world, many of our target customers had to reprioritize their focus and deal with necessary adjustments to their business needs.

Despite this shift, 2020 remained a monumental year for Mercado, with high growth and an influx of new customer wins.

As we look to 2021 and beyond, supply chain tech remains a very hot market as companies continue to look for step change improvements in their supply chains.

Below are some of our projected plans for the coming year.
Mercado’s expanded Sales team is looking forward to continued rapid growth in 2021 via new client acquisition. There are multiple ways we are going to accomplish this:
Value message adjusted to fit the C level persona. Through executive sponsorship, we get introduced to the personas in Sourcing, Merchandising, and Logistics.
Value Engagement Methodology
We will use a First Mile Workshop (FMW) as a key progression step. It is a high impact, low touch event. The deliverable is a Mutual vision (As-is recap, solution vision, IT Architecture, Scope & Implementation and ROI) that promotes executive participation and decision making.
Increase Pipeline Building Capacity
Streamlined prospecting cadence as well as adding new team members (1 AE, 1 SDR).
Our Marketing engine is “always on.” We are continually finding new and innovative ways to share Mercado’s mission with the world.
Transform Campaign
We are launching our largest Marketing campaign to date in January 2021: Transform Your Supply Chain. This campaign walks clients through three easy steps on how they can drastically improve their International supply chains and, in turn, improve time to market, increase sales, and reduce expenses. We also have six more campaigns scheduled in Q1 alone.

Click here for more information on our Transform campaign.
We have “plugged in” to the leading supply chain industry media, including Sourcing Journal, Let’s Talk Supply Chain, Freight Waves, Alcott Global, Project44, JOC, and more.
Authoritative Marketing
We have scheduled large speaking engagements, podcasts, ‘fireside chats’, and councils throughout the first quarter.
We have created partnerships around the world with leading import supply chain influencers and franchises.
Mercado is building multiple platform improvements to enhance overall user experience and develop new solutions for 2021 and beyond.
Plan & Kits
Mercado is excited to announce the upcoming launch of a new product, Mercado Plan, in addition to supplier-focused tools. Both additions to the expanding Mercado product portfolio will address CSR and ESG. Kits will bring transparency and standardization to a highly manual and unstructured process, resulting in improved brand credibility for our customers with their consumers.

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About Mercado
The Mercado Import Management System (IMS) creates a first mile digital supply network by connecting suppliers to products, connecting products to final mile customer demand, and connecting cross functional teams who are responsible for bringing products to market.
The platform also includes workflow, automation, and predictive analytics. Because of all this, Mercado customers benefit from improved time to market, increased sales, and reduced expenses.
Mercado | Bring Order to your Imports
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