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Insight – Thinking Ahead: Does McDonald’s have it wrong?

Thinking Ahead Part V: Does McDonald's have it wrong?

February 20th, 2021
Mercado | 10 Minute Read
Let’s imagine ordering a meal from McDonald’s worked the same as ordering products internationally.
Iask the “supplier” (McDonalds) to “produce” a burger, fries, and Coke for me, and she puts my order into her computer. But instead of my order appearing on screens for the team (and connected to production/billing/inventory), the cashier grabs her phone and emails the fry guy, WeChats the burger barista, and WhatsApps the drink doctor.
Each respond to the cashier with questions and clarification. This goes on for a while until the order is finally ready.

Next, instead of putting the order on a tray, the cashier puts my order into a bag, manually creates a receipt, seals the bag, and tells me I can’t open it until I get home!

McDonald’s sells 2.36B burgers a year. Imagine how many fewer burgers they would sell, or how less profitable they would be, if this is how it worked.

The import order is the atomic detail that initiates and orchestrates an extremely complex chain of events — and the process is completely broken. Efficiency, collaboration, transparency, and automation would go way up, while costs and exposure would go way down, by digitizing the order.

And that's where Mercado comes in.

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