Mercado | Article | How to create a digital, networked, and automated import supply chain

How to create a digital, networked, and automated import supply chain


How to create a digital, networked, and automated import supply chain

Publish Date: December 1, 2022
The US imports $2.8 trillion worth of goods every year. Without them, households up and down the country would be virtually empty. No sofas, no freezers, no clothes, no electronic devices…the list goes on. So why is such a vital industry putting itself at such a high risk of failure?
We live in a tech-savvy country in a tech-savvy age, yet the first mile of the supply chain is still running on a disconnected, offline, and analog system. Currently, every import order starts out as a PDF or email. Each change, update, or communication to that order is handled in isolation with no guarantee it's been received or actioned.

The resulting errors, delays, penalties, air freight, redundant inventory, understocks, and other challenges cost importers an average of 10% to 20% per order and significantly impact sales. Errors are costing the industry $300 billion a year.

It's past time we fixed it.

Mercado is the world's first import order management platform that connects importers with their suppliers in a shared environment for executing, managing, and shipping orders.

It's digital, networked, and automated.

Access real-time live order data across the entire planning, buying, production and shipping process.

Every order placed in Mercado starts with a digital PO that is created, transmitted, and received completely within the platform. From that moment on, every update, change, chargeback, and communication stays with the order and is shared with the network.

Escape email hell and discover how much easier importing can be when you and your suppliers are on the same page.

Mercado brings all parties together through a single, dedicated environment to capture and share details on your imports: the digital order. Connecting your processes, teams, and wider network so everyone can access the latest information at the click of a button.

Mercado automates processes that today are completed manually — from managing changes on-the-go, to communicating on key order updates in-app, to tracking production against critical milestones with in-built notifications and alerts. No manual entry. No discrepancies. Complete peace of mind.

Change the game in your import supply chain

We believe you and your suppliers deserve a first-class platform to trade, transact, and interact. Your sales, profits, and costs depend on it.

Find out how you can transform your purchasing, win with your logistics, improve supplier collaboration and gain actionable insights that you can trust - all with Mercado.
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