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How importers and suppliers can get compliant with Uyghur legislation

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How importers and suppliers can get compliant with Uyghur legislation

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Today’s supply chain complexities have made the importer-supplier relationship increasingly stressful. With new legislation cropping up, such as the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) which came into effect on June 21, both parties now have no choice but to align in order to comply with new regulations, as well as any policies yet to come.
Although supply chain stakeholders should have been preparing for the legislation in advance, a realist would understand that many businesses are still behind the 8-ball—thus, risks and vulnerabilities remain.

Import supply chain platform Mercado Labs wants to help mitigate these risks through its development of Mercado Plan, a solution built so that sourcing and purchasing teams can better maintain transparency and collaboration across the production lifecycle, and help hundreds of compliance-related issues that suppliers face daily.

With Mercado Plan, users can automate, simplify and maintain compliance across their international suppliers and vendors. The platform ensures that suppliers are connected and aligned to business standards all while automating the invaluable process of supply chain compliance through its suite of verification, education and informational courses...

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