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Whether you’re a supply chain veteran or an importing novice, we can help.

At Mercado, we know managing a global supply chain can be difficult. Why? Because we've seen it first hand. Managing stakeholders, products, and processes across multiple continents is no easy feat – and that's where Mercado education comes in.

But you shouldn’t have to settle by doing it the hard way. Whether you're experienced in your discipline and want to learn more, looking to learn something new, or just love to learn...we have something for you.
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Enhanced Self-Help & On-The-Go Learning

Empowering your teams to grow in confidence and knowledge as they operate in their day-to-day environment.
Greater confidence. Enhanced ability. Improved understanding.

Improved Organizational Learning & Knowledge

Helping to build teams with relevant cross-field knowledge to ensure productivity across your entire supply chain.
Increased productivity. Improved communication. Enhanced skill set.

Greater Opportunities For Growth & Upskilling

Equipping teams through on-demand content available 24/7 through the Mercado platform and online.
Enhanced knowledge. Relevant content. Greater clarity.

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Looking to up-skill you or your team and better manage your imports from source to store?
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Get the recognition you deserve with our unique certification program across sourcing, logistics and shipping.
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Got a question about how to manage your imports or want some expert advice? Our team of experts cover all areas of the supply chain, each with a minimum of 15 years of expertise.
Whether you're looking for a quick fix or an extended engagement, we've got you covered.
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