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If you’re still relying on email, PDFs, and spreadsheets to place orders with suppliers, manage change orders and updates, track production, coordinate shipping, and handle compliance... then you're no doubt experiencing costly errors and inevitable delays.
Discover how Mercado can help.

Procurement automation

Import procurement is a lengthy and complicated process, which is prone to errors and poor communication.
Mercado creates a digital version of your POs, giving you complete control over the outcome of your products and saving you up to 50% per order.

Sales forecasting

Many demand systems are missing critical product status updates during the 4-6 months long procurement process.
Mercado provides real- time product updates, connecting your supply and demand systems - it’s a game changer for planning and forecasting.

Supply chain collaboration

Engaging with suppliers in different languages and thousands of miles away can be difficult at the best of times.
Mercado unites your trading partners and teams through improved collaboration with a single source of truth. Offering real-time data to unlock the potential of your entire network and create fantastic outcomes.

Inventory optimization

Over $163 billion worth of inventory is discarded each year due to expiry or overproduction.
With Mercado, create production monitoring goals, backed up by analytics. Helping to ensure your products gets to market as quickly and efficiently as possible, and arrive on-time and in-full.

Brand transparency

The 2020 supply chain exposed weaknesses within the fragile global supply chain, and the lack of investment in the supply-side.
By digitizing your orders, Mercado provides the tools required to understand and gain full transparency across your import supply chain, including network risks, resilience, ESG, and overall supply-side performance.

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