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From trade wars to global pandemics: the challenges fueling the industry

The global microchip shortage has received a lot of attention and has even halted or delayed the production of vehicles and access to parts across the automotive industry.
Unfortunately, it has also obscured the fact that the critical base of auto suppliers is struggling with a whole range of other issues including material availability, extended lead times, sudden cost increases and an unprecedented shortage of labor.

Vendors’ supply of basic raw materials like steel, aluminum, rubber and thermoplastic resin has become unreliable and the prices are incredibly volatile, leading to material shortages that inevitably mean longer lead times – something the automotive industry’s just-in-time supply chain is not well prepared to deal with.
And this is where the real problem lies for most importers in the industry. Supply issues are having visible consequences for already flawed supply chains not set up to weather such fluctuations in supply and demand, nor backed-up by contingency plans for when things don’t go to plan.

At the heart of it all? A disconnected ordering process that has a knock-on effect for the initial 80% of supply chain operations that occur before an order is even received at the DC.

Mercado is specifically designed to counter the known complexities and challenges faced by the automotive industry today, whilst future-proofing your end-to-end supply chain for the unknown.

Accurate Planning & Forecasting

With demand for accurate forecasts coming from carriers, stores, and customers alike, Mercado provides accurate visibility into orders placed, manufactured, and shipped – allowing real-time and accurate planning across all your business units. Sourcing, Procurement, Logistics, name it.

Change Management

Historically, changes to an order you've placed are poorly communicated between departments and 3rd parties – leading to discrepancies not only with your vendor's production, but also across carriers, brokers, finance, and other fundamental players. Mercado creates a digital PO that can be amended and automatically validated, meaning zero confusion and 100% confidence in your supply chain data.

Production Status

When shipments are running behind schedule, it's virtually impossible to understand why. Mercado not only sheds light on product status, but also provides automated alerts when milestones aren’t hit – allowing mitigation planning to occur earlier in the process and saving potentially millions in unnecessary delays, re-work, and inventory costs.

Advanced Analytics

Planning, sourcing, buying, manufacturing, and shipping products is a constant cycle, and most auto importers have no way to dive into the detail at each stage. Mercado’s Analytics gives top-down and bottom-up data and insights for every level of your organization. Enabling deep-level reporting across all business operations from the moment an order is placed with a vendor.

Accurate Lead Times

Lead times are typically calculated starting at the point a container is loaded onto a ship, plane, or train. With Mercado, time-to-market includes the production process – helping automotive importers more forecast and plan when products will arrive with greater accuracy and total transparency across the entire organization.

Utilization & Optimization

Container space is expensive, so naturally importers want to know they are fine-tuning their equipment for optimal efficiency. Mercado provides product-level data at the order level, equipping logistics teams to better maximize the equipment they use and ensure the right containers are in the right location for shipments to occur.

Only Mercado could offer us the neutrality, privacy, and in-built supply network to address our first mile challenges.

— Director of Logistics, leading autoparts retailer
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