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Is your import supply chain costing you money?

You're not alone.
Join our 12 step recovery plan

The import supply chain is broken. It's time we fixed it.

Importing has never been as difficult as it is now, and the products you import have never been more at risk. However, it’s never been more important to get things right.

Struggling with compliance issues?

Suppliers operate thousands of miles away, yet importers continue to use email and spreadsheets to manage communication and engagement — with little-to-no control over compliance.

Losing sleep over lost sales?

Importers are losing out on valuable sales across their supply chains due to a lack of connection and digitization between their supply and demand networks.

Worrying about import visibility?

Most visibility tools on the market focus on freight‚ however offer ZERO visibility into the planning, buying, or making portions of the first mile which are critical to your end sales.

Get the support you need with the Mercado 12 Step Recovery Plan

For Supply Chain-aholics

Plan – Verify

Verify your suppliers.

Plan – Educate

Educate your partners.

Plan – Inform

Inform your teams.

Buy – Online Ordering

Digitize your imports.

Buy – Collaboration

Connect your supply network.

Buy – Production Status

Determine product disposition.

Move – eFinance

Automate your finances.

Move – eClearance

Automate your clearance.

Move – eReceiving

Automate your receiving.

Sell – Analytics

Real-time import insights.

Sell – Visibility

True end-to-end visibility.

Sell – Transparency

Gain confidence in your imports.
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Mercado was designed to change the way the world trades, transacts, and interacts.
Our purpose-built international supply chain order management platform connects brands to the people who make and move their products.
Increased transparency
Increased efficiency
Increased time to market

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