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Buy like you sell.

Mercado connects importers with the people who make and move their products through a digital, networked, and automated platform.
So you can be sure every order arrives on-time and in-full.
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Mercado Labs | The Mercado Platform

Mercado Labs | The Mercado Platform
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The import supply chain is broken.

Every import order starts out as a PDF or email. Each change, update, or communication to that order is handled in isolation with no guarantee it's been received or actioned.

The resulting errors, delays, penalties, air freight, redundant inventory, and understocks cost importers an average of 10% to 20% per order and significantly impact sales.
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typical 6-month saving with Mercado
Mercado | The import supply chain is broken
Mercado | The import supply chain is broken

It's past time we fixed it.

As an industry, buying and selling your products are too important to continue depending on outdated tools. Email and spreadsheets were never created to manage millions of dollars of inventory.

We believe you and your suppliers deserve a first-class platform to trade, transact, and interact. Your sales and profits depend on it.
Mercado | The import supply chain is broken

Introducing Mercado.

Mercado is the world's first import order management platform that connects importers with their suppliers in a shared environment for executing, managing, and shipping orders.
It's digital, networked, and automated. Ensuring you and all parties share a single source of truth for every order.

Stop spending, start saving.

At around $25/order, Mercado is ROI positive with the first hour saved.
Most customers save at least 5% of their total cost of imports in the first six months.
Transform your purchasing
Digitize your POs and gain complete control over the outcome of your products. So what your order is always what you get.
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Win with your logistics
Automate bookings and documents, and equip your logistics teams with order visibility to manage freight from origin to destination.
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Improve supplier collaboration
Create, share, and validate compliance across your international suppliers, building relationships you can count on.
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Actionable insights you can trust
Manage what you measure with end-to-end analytics and unprecedented supply chain intelligence.
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Products that change the game.

Discover the products you need to connect with the people who make and move your products across your end-to-end supply chain.
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Every order placed in Mercado starts with a digital PO that is created, transmitted, and received completely within the platform. From that moment on, every update, change order, chargeback, and communication stays with the order and is shared with the network.

Providing real-time access to live order data across the entire planning, buying, and production process.
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Bring all parties together through a single, dedicated environment to capture and share details on your imports: the digital order. Connecting your processes, teams, and wider network so everyone can access the latest information at the click of a button.

Escape email hell and discover how much easier importing can be when you and your suppliers are on the same page.
Mercado Labs | Product Suite - Plan
Mercado Labs | Product Suite - Move


Mercado automates processes that today are completed manually — from managing changes on-the-go, to communicating on key order updates in-app, to tracking production against critical milestones with in-built notifications and alerts.

No manual entry. No discrepancies. Complete peace of mind.

Suppliers love Mercado too.

With Mercado, you’ll soon become your supplier's favorite customer. Our native language translation, automation, and real-time updates make Mercado easy to use and remove the need to balance counter-productive, frustrating tasks and pointless emails.

With most suppliers only needing 30 minutes to on-board, adding Mercado to your arsenal will be a game changer.

Discover how more than 300 suppliers are already benefiting from Mercado today.
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Mercado Labs | Press Release | Mercado Labs to revolutionize the way importers and suppliers connect to improve the international supply chain

The biggest challenge for us has been communication, as we have hundreds of open POs and emails to filter through everyday.

Mercado prevents issues building up by centralizing visibility, even into POs I’m not necessarily involved in day-to-day.

Josh Carter
Supply Chain Director, Whitmor
Mercado Customers - Whitmor (Blue)

Getting started is as easy as

Mercado | Getting started is as simple as 1, 2,, 3

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Get up and running using Mercado in as little as a week.
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Full integration

With bridges to most ERPs, full integration is done in less than 12 weeks.
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Mercado | The import supply chain is broken

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From us to you...

Thank you for using Mercado. Our goal is to empower businesses to better navigate the complex world of importing. We know data security is of paramount importance, so we place high standards on ensuring it is safely and respectfully secured. We are committed to following and continuously evolving best practices to support this principle. Your data is yours, and we guard it closely. We do not sell any of your information, and we will always be fully transparent on how we collect and use your data. That's a promise.